Mark Rosekrans

July 24, 2017

School is coming! Important Reminders for Parents

By, Mark D. Rosekrans

The first day of school for Charlotte Public Schools is Monday, August 21, 2017. Until then, there are several items parents should put on their “to do” list and take care of soon to make the start of school easier for themselves and their children.

First, for incoming kindergarten students, we need all of the required paperwork submitted to our District Registrar. The registrar’s office is located at the Charlotte Aquatic Center which is attached to the Upper Elementary/Middle School building. Along with all of the district required paperwork, parents will also need to provide immunization records (state law), and a birth certificate. Please make contact with the registrar at 541-5740 or access our district website for more information. By having your paperwork submitted early in August, additional anxiety and stress will be relieved and your kindergarten child will be prepared to start school for the first time on the first day.

Second, August is the time to report any address changes to our transportation department. If you moved over the summer, please report the changes now, so we can update our records and adjust our routes and the timing of them. We want your student to have a great experience with our transportation department at the very start of the school year. Please call our Transportation office at 543-3400 for information and get the form submitted early to ensure good school bus services.

Third, food service information must also be updated. Breakfast and lunch are critically important for your child to be focused on learning and not distracted by being hungry. Make sure this is ready to go for the first day. The food service office number is 541-5140.

Fourth, if your child is a student athlete, fall sports will be starting very soon. All students must have a current physical and have paid their participation fee prior to starting practice. Please contact the athletic office through the high school main office for more team, athletic handbook and concussion awareness information. The high school main office number is 541-5600.

Building and office staff will return around August 7, 2017. Some will open earlier. Please call your respective building prior to making a trip in.

Our website is full of pertinent building information as well as departmental information and forms you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please check it out and take a proactive approach to gearing up for the start of school. The more you have done early, the easier it will be for you and your child/children when the start of school actually arrives.

The district administrative offices are open to assist as well. You can reach us at 541-5100.

The new school year brings many exciting opportunities for our students and families. Do not create additional anxiety and hinder your start of the school year by not being ready. Take the initiative now to get all of the paperwork and forms filled out and taken care of. Make contact with us as appropriate to get any questions you have resolved. We are here to assist you.

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