Mark Rosekrans

September 18, 2017

Goal setting

By, Mark D. Rosekrans
Superintendent of Charlotte Public Schools

For the past few years I have strongly encouraged students at the start of the school year to set goals. This year is no different. With the school year now into its fifth week, it is time for students to set their goals if they have not already done so.

Goal setting is one of the most important activities a student should do. Educationally, you should be setting goals in each of your content subject areas. Challenge yourself to not only achieve reasonable goals, but also set your sights on higher levels of learning and performance. You should be challenging yourself right now and have action plans in place to meet those goals.

Sometimes, during the educational process, goals are not achieved. Setbacks occur and even some failure. Failure to master something along the way is part of the process. Constant learning and growth in knowledge takes hard work and perseverance and is what education is all about. Many times the best learning happens when failure is the result. Thus, setting goals that are achievable is important but, challenging one’s self to push further and keep trying to reach beyond your goals is equally important.

Here are a few questions for our students:

  1. Have you set challenging goals that will make you work extra hard this year?
  2. Have you outlined plans that can make your goals a reality?
  3. Have you set aside and dedicated the time necessary to be the student you want to be?
  4. Are you being purposeful in all that you do to achieve your goals?

The entire staff at CPS is here to assist you in reaching your goals. They are also here to make you work for them. Their goal is to help you meet the established standards they have in their classrooms, yet push each of you to attain goals above and beyond what you believe you can do.

The process begins with you and your personal goals. Have you set them for this year?

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