Charlotte Public Schools is excited to introduce “The Chirp.” The Chirp is our new 2018-2019 employee recognition program. The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.” The link to this form can be found under the Quick Links section on our Employee Recognition page. This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page weekly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what orioles are chirping about below!

The following program sponsors would like to thank all of the Charlotte Public Schools' staff for their role in educating the youth of Charlotte.

WEEK OF November 26, 2018

Katie Cummins (Galewood)
“She is so special to all of us in our community even on break she seen my family in the store and made sure she came and hugged the kids and wished us a happy holiday. She has such a genuine soul we are so lucky to have her at Galewood. I know my kids are counting down to see her at school.” ~Kelly

Morgan Wilkins-Palmer (Weymouth)
“Morgan has stepped into the role of Assistant Supervisor at Weymouth Child Development Center and has made morale of all the staff there go up. She is always available if needed when a staff member has a question or concern. She makes sure to stop in every morning to say hi and to see if we have any questions or concerns. She is always has a smile on her face. She has nothing but the children’s best interest at heart. She is always willing to help out when needed.”

Amberle Eaker (Parkview)
“It truly feels like Amberle has been a part of the Parkview team from the start! She is a perfect addition to the staff and has already gone above and beyond to make the classroom her own. I'm so glad to have her on board!”

Ken Wright (Parkview)
“Ken is always willing and eager to share his skills and resources to help others improve their instruction!”

Jane Haga (Parkview)
“Jane Haga always has her students best interest in mind. She goes out of her way to ensure everyone's needs are met. Jane is always eager to help where she can and creates a positive atmosphere for staff as well.”

Kim Caudell (Parkview)
“Mrs. Caudell is a leader who takes responsibility for the successes and the failures of Parkview. Kim puts the needs of others in front of her own. Kim is always looking to improve Parkview and then figures out how to make those improvements no matter how difficult it might be. Parkview couldn't have a better Principal.”

Pam Loughrige (Middle School)
“Thank you to Pam for your many years of service as a paraprofessional to our students. She is retiring and deserves all the best. She gave our students her best for over 27 years! Thank you!!!”

Jessica Hadley (Upper Elem)
“Ms. Hadley worked tirelessly to ensure that a student within her class with a need for glasses received them. She went to several different resources to find one that would best suit the child and family. She communicated with the family with empathy and sincere care. She is a rockstar!” ~Mrs. Wiersma

Lynne Baker (Parkview)
“I love having Lynne on board at Parkview. Her gentle demeanor is such an encouragement to staff and students, and her willingness to jump in where needed is so valuable. She's a team player and does everything she can to help our students succeed.”

Julie Davis (Upper Elem)
“Ms. Davis has been to visit a student who had been hospitalized over 5 times. She has been an excellent advocate and source of support for the student and family during this hard time. She has profound care and concern for her students! She is amazing!” ~Mrs. Wiersma

Tamra Weissenborn (Upper Elem)
“Mrs. Weissenborn has worked extremely hard to accommodate students with differing needs within her classroom. She is consistently looking for new ideas in order to support her students and is not afraid to ask for other's ideas! She is fabulous! ~Mrs. Wiersma

Jane Haga (Parkview)
“As one of the first to arrive in the morning and one of the last to leave at night, it's obvious that Jane is wholeheartedly invested in her job. Her dedication is admirable and beneficial to her students, but also to their families and even other staff members at Parkview.”

Deb Marquardt (Upper Elem)
“Even though she's in an entirely different building, Deb's support of me as a new teacher has not gone unnoticed. She's a constant source of encouragement, advice, and resources. She's a great reminder to me that even though we work at different schools, we're all on the same team her in Charlotte. Deb makes me proud to be an Oriole, and I'm thankful to have her in my corner.” ~Miranda Steward

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